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Playa Grande, Guanacaste Costa Rica Check-in: 2pm Check-out: 10am


Playa Grande, Guanacaste
Costa Rica

Check-in: 2pm
Check-out: 10am


Book your trip to The Pipe House Playa Grande: A sustainable housing lodge only steps from the beach. Pura Vida!

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We are located in the heart of the national park in Playa Grande. Follow Google Maps above; it will bring you to our door!


What are some useful local contacts?
1- House manager / Concierge: Felipe Volio 8926-5881
2- Beach Side Clinic: 2653-5053 / 2653-9911 / 8884-8047 / 8931-2126
3- Touristic Police: 2654-5086 (Spanish Only)
4- Palm Beach Estates Security: 2653-4465 (Spanish Only)
5- Manfred – German Baker in Palm Beach: 2653-0838 (Bilingual)

* If dialing from a US phone, dial +506 (local area code) before the number.

For emergencies dial 911 > If there is no phone nearby go to Scallywag’s Supermarket in the center of Palm Beach and ask to use their phone.
What is nature like in Playa Grande?
The Beach at Night & Turtles
Playa Grande is a National Park and Turtle Conservation site. The turtle’s nesting season is from November to March, and during the same tine of year is prohibited to walk the beach at night without a tour guide. If you are interested in seeing turtles during the night tour, please contact us directly or go to sign up at the park ranger’s office located at just 50m from Las Tortugas Hotel, or straight down the road past Frijoles Locos, it is the building with the large Turtle statue in front.

Playa Grande is a marine park, so seashells are part of the natural heritage. They are beautiful to look at and a vital part of our beach ecosystem. Enjoy them while you are here, but please remember to leave ALL shells on the sand before you leave. Be gentle with the wildlife and surroundings.

Swimming in the Ocean
Please be careful of the ocean currents. Never allow small children to swim unattended. Keep in mind currents get stronger when going from High Tide to Low Tide. Please swim with caution and at your own risk. If the waves are big do not swim out without a flotation device (i.e. Boogie board or surf board) attached to you.

Playa Grande is over 3km long and famous for its amazing surfing. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you try to find a place to practice where there are not a lot of people around. It can be dangerous when you are not experienced, and you could end up injuring yourself or someone else in the water surfing. We highly recommend taking a surf lesson in the beginning to give you an ides of where and how to surf, and make you aware of other standard precautions. We have a few great instructors on hand if you are interested in a surf lesson!
How do I get to Tamarindo Beach?
Tamarindo is just across the estuary (river). You can take a boat across for just $1 per person. All you have to do is walk to the river mouth and wave at the boat drivers to come pick you up. If you are in Tamarindo and plan to take the boat back across to Playa Grande, make sure you get there well before 5pm because they stop working at that time and sometimes sooner if there is not a lot of people around. If you miss the last boat you will have to take a taxi back, which is around $30. We do not recommend swimming at all, because there are crocodiles in the river.
What are the local restaurants in Playa Grande?
The Great Waltini’s at Hotel Bula Bula
Nice outdoor dining area, wonderfully decorated and fun staff. The restaurant is run by two Americans, Wally and Todd, who have been here forever! The food is delicious and they have great drinks and specialty cocktails. On Monday nights, they offer a Mexican buffet! Phone number: 2653-0975

It is on a second floor patio at Hotel Cantarana. An intimate dining area, with a romantic atmosphere. The food is some of the best international cuisine and it has a small bar that serves nice drink options. Given its size, it is best to call in advanced if you have a large party so they can prepare properly. Phone number: 2653-0486

This restaurant and bar is located next to the Mini Market, the general store located in the center of Palm Beach. Seven has live music on Tuesdays and Fridays and the performers are surprisingly good. They also have BBQ on those nights that’s tasty and a great deal. The bar stays open pretty late providing a little night life in the otherwise quiet environment. Phone number: 2244-9629

Café Mar Azul
A great little restaurant near the beach with lots of charm, and perfect for a quick bite on the way to or from the beach. They have fabulous breakfast burritos and other items familiar to those from North America. Great lunch menu as well. They also sell locally made granola bars. Stop by, you will be glad you did! Phone number: 8828-6609

North Playa Grande Restaurants
*The northern part of Playa Grande is only a quick drive by car but can be done by bike as well. Walking will take over 35 minutes.

The RipJack Inn
Located on the second floor balcony of the Hotel RipJack. They have a varying menu always written up on a chalkboard and changes daily according to the fresh produce. The food is good and reasonably priced. There is a Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm everyday, and it is very fun! Phone number: 2653-1636

Café del Pueblo
This restaurant is the first one you see on the road coming into Playa Grande. They serve pizza and homemade pasta as well as other delicious dishes. This is #1 rated Playa Grande restaurant in TripAdvisor. The food is the best Italian food you will get anywhere in the region, with good service and friendly staff. Super fresh ingredients are used daily, as they grow their herbs on site. Yumm! Phone number: 2653-2315

Taco Star
A convenient and groovy little taco shack right in front of the most popular surf break in Playa Grande. A great place for a quick bite, cold beer or a fresh fruit juice!

La Marejada
A wonderful blend of European and Mediterranean dishes. A pleasant atmosphere with soft lightning and custom made Guanacaste wood tables, as well as a nice bar. They have Sushi night on Sundays. Get there early or make a reservation, as it is the place to be on Sunday nights! Phone number: 00 1 800-559-3415 Las Tortugas Restaurant Located at the beachfront hotel Las Tortugas, this nice restaurant offers some ocean view deck seating. A mix of American and Costa Rican dishes, with a large menu selection. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Phone number: 2653-0423

El Point
Located on the right side of the main road coming into Playa Grande, this quaint little restaurant is a great place to eat dinner, with soft music and a romantic atmosphere. They specialize in mostly fish and seafood cuisine with a Caribbean twist. They have beer, wine and cocktails to order. On Saturdays and Sundays, they offer Caribbean style rice’n beans with chicken cooked in coconut milk. delicious! During lunch time, they offer classic Costa Rica “casado”, which is basically rice, beans, salad, plantains and a protein of your choice.

Kike’s Place (Pronounced Key-kays)
The original Playa Grande hang out, with a pool table and a sit up bar, with a big screen for sports! The best place to watch soccer games. Their food is the most affordable in town and pretty good too. They have lots of tables for big groups, and high chairs for toddlers. It is a perfect family restaurant, and a great place to practice your Spanish. Phone number: 2653-0834

Grill House Park
Located in the Playa Grande Park Hotel, Grill House Park opens from Thursday to Sunday. It is a place where you can try delicious grilled food with an outdoor atmosphere. They have a nice bar, where you can get beer, wine or specialty cocktails. Stop by if you enjoy eating delicious BBQ food. Phone number: 8531-7775

Pots & Bowls Café
Not only do they carry homemade almond milk and vegan/paleo/clean ingredient foods, but their plant and gift shop is precious! They offer breakfast and lunch options. They have some beautiful locally made jewelry, clothing, and fun modern Costa Rican gifts. You can find some delicious pastries, cold pressed juices, and so much more! Phone number: 8843-5352